Quest Group Global are accredited Team Management Systems (T.M.S.) providers. The Quest Group Australia Team of facilitators includes T.M.S. Master Trainers with over 25 years of international experience with the T.M.S. suite of instruments. 

T.M.S. is rapidly developing as one of the most powerful personal development, leadership development and team analysis systems available and is being used successfully by some of the largest organisations in both the public and private sector. 

The T.M.S. suite of instruments enable us to provide detailed and "user friendly" 360 degree feedback reports for both individuals and teams to base their continuous improvement action plans on. 

The T.M.S. suite includes the Team Management ProfileTypes of Work ProfileTeam Performance Profile and Linking Skills Profile. The instruments are designed to maximise the potential of your organisations' most valuable resource - people. 

Used by almost one million people in leading organisations worldwide (Sony, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Mobil Oil & American Express), T.M.S. is used for Team Building, Management and Leadership Development, Project Management, Performance Management, Benchmarking, Coaching and many other human resource development challenges.


Team Management Profile

Certain tasks interest some people more than others. Why? Work preferences. The Team Management Profile gives individuals an understanding about the behaviours they exhibit at work and the impact this will have on others and the work they do. 

Major uses of the Team Management Profile:

  • Personal Development - developing career paths, enhancing interpersonal skills and communication strategies and understanding work-related strengths and weaknesses.

  • Team Development - team members sharing their Profiles and discussing the impact of their work preferences on the team's performance.

  • Understanding - understanding how each member likes to work and valuing those differences.

This helps develop strategies to:

  • Compensate for imbalance in the team.

  • Identify potential conflict areas in balanced teams.


Types of Work Profile (TWP)

This Profile is a multiple-rater, job-analysis instrument. It identifies which Types of Work functions are critical to the job's success, to give stakeholders a clear understanding. This can then be matched to the job holder's work preferences, showing to what extent work preferences overlap the demands of the job. 

Major uses of the Types of Work Profile:

  • Role clarification and work allocation.

  • Identifying development and training needs.

  • Job design and redesign.

  • Recruitment and selection.


Team Performance Index and Profile

The Team Performance Profile is a multiple-rater instrument used to give feedback on a whole team's performance. Knowing how your team's performance is perceived by senior management, other teams and clients is an ideal way to identify areas for development. 

Major uses of the Team Performance Profile:

  • Questioning the team's processes to establish agreement of purpose.

  • Identify training and development requirements.

  • Benchmarking a team's performance to develop plans for improvement and then to measure improvement that has been achieved.


Linking Skills Profile (LSP)

The Linking Skills Profile gives individuals multi-rater feedback on their perceived performance in eleven key leadership skills. 

Major uses of the Linking Skills Profile: 

  • Management and Leadership Development - identifying where a person may need development in key managerial and leadership skills and designing a personal learning action plan. Can be used as a benchmark in performance management.

  • Identifying differences in priorities on the 13 linking skills between the individual and team members, peers and supervisor, to enable discussions.

  • Identifying and addressing performance and motivational issues.