At Quest Group Global, we believe what our clients think of our services, and the value and return on investment we provide to their organisations, is more important and relevant than what we think. Accordingly we keep asking clients for feedback on their experience of our services. Here are some responses:

I have worked with Ron Jungalwalla and Quest Group for over ten years. When asked about the company’s professionalism my mind engages an image of standards. Their professional approach is founded on strong beliefs which reflect in the application of high ethical and moral values.

Quest Group Global programmes have delivered enjoyment, achievement of goals, relevance and applicability of learnings to current workplace situations and have reflected their desire to help make change for the better. Quest is a byword for consistency in these qualities.
— Mike Kaaks GM Capability Development Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd
The quality of Ron and Quest Group Global’s facilitation during our two day off-site was superb. Not only were our goals met, but Quest Group Global far exceeded my expectations. The desired outcomes were clearly defined and the experience of my team was positive and rewarding. Quest Group Global’s professional approach was well suited to team and leadership development, demonstrating vast experience and genuine passion. The fit was so right I felt as if we had enjoyed a longer relationship with them than we actually had. The tools used during the offsite session helped transform experiential learning into action. Quest Group Global has provided an outstanding mentoring and coaching resource for not only myself, but for my individual team members.
— Jeffrey Sherman GM Human Resources & Internal Communications, AXA
Quest Group Global have been a valuable partner to Excelior in our pursuit to achieve service excellence, focusing on building high performance teams. Quest Group quickly assessed the group dynamics and needs using a variety of interesting learning tools which have been instrumental in a visible improvement in the behaviours of individuals and team dynamics.”

”I have found Quest Group Global very experienced and professional in their approach and sensitive to special needs of any team member. They have been able to take my broad perspectives and goals and turn them into effective working solutions.
— Barbara Ould General Manager Excelior
Quest Group Global have facilitated many courses for our company over 10 years and we are confident that this investment has been returned tenfold. We have asked Quest to run one day, one week and 6 month courses in areas such as team dynamics, coaching and personal development and all courses have been delivered on time with audited outcomes. The access to the wide ranging facilitators gave Quest the edge on being able to cover diverse topics under the same delivery techniques, again providing a repeatable process that we have used over many years.
— Peter Kelly CEO Clifford Hallam Healthcare
Highly relevant to our business needs and the stage we are at with regards to Team Enhancement.
— Michael Dawson State Mgr Vic/Tas Metro Distribution Smorgon Steel
While always conscious of the end dollar, I would say without hesitation that the Return On Investment was excellent and continues to deliver everyday.
— Anthony Brown GM Clarion Hotel On Canterbury
Quest Group Global were really able to deliver on our goals of building on our sense of team in an enjoyable way, whilst still relating to the practical and real world of business today. The experience of Quest Group Global in using the Team Management Systems tools and relating this back to how individuals behave in a real world team environment clearly demonstrated the value which they can bring to a dynamic business environment
— Brian Harris Human Resources Manager Radio Frequency Systems
The benefits of Quest’s program were felt immediately. Staff became more motivated and passionate about what they were doing and worked together much more effectively. Management were much more aware of the strategic need to develop the team in addition to individuals and with Quest’s ongoing facilitation, became better managers. I would like to thank Ron and his team at Quest for their ongoing support and making this one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile processes I have been involved with.
— Ian Hazan Metricon Developments
This program was as good as any I have ever attended. We now have a “roadmap” to follow and no excuse but apply the outcomes, processes and positive team behaviours in the pursuit of our goals.
— Jon Field General Manager-Digital Heidelberg Australia/NZ
I hadn’t gained anything like the insights about individual and team behaviour that you drew from them. Your feedback was both accurate and effective!
— Ian Downes Project Manager Bovis Lend Lease
The staff feedback following these programs has been fantastic in that our people enjoy the different challenges and environment of encouragement whilst enjoying interesting and fun activities. They keep asking when the next Quest Group experience is!
— Danny Eaton Manager ~ City Services Hume City Council
Not only was it fun, it was in perfect alignment with what we were trying to achieve as a team.
— Kerry and the Marketing Leadership Team National Australia Bank, Marketing
As the “Masters of Business Administration” Program Director at the RMIT, I have been a long term client and supporter of Quest Group Global. The following are a collection of extracts from the assignment papers of Master of Business Administration students of the Graduate School of Management, RMIT. They refer to a “Leadership and Decision Making” subject within their Graduate course, designed and delivered by Quest Group Global over the last few years. They are unsolicited comments.

“It required considerable personal openness and reflection and has given me the framework in which to examine application of new skills in the work environment. It has also helped to develop skills that have immediate benefits”.

“I feel I have participated in something of great worth, as a group and as an individual. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to grow”.

“Constructive, creative helpful, very focused, very professional. The learning purpose was never lost”.

“The weekend provided a cascade of learning experiences that built upon each other in a way that, in a sense provided an ever increasing level of enlightenment about shortcomings of my own behaviour and that of others, and of the strengths that I have to offer and that others have, but are not aware of them until the value is pointed out by the team”.

“Unique, inspiring, revealing and of immense value to both the individual who attended and to the company”.

“In summary, the process of developing leadership and decision making skills has produced constructive changes in me as a person, manager and leader. The experience of going on the Leadership and Decision Making course was very significant and resulted in a number of deep learning experiences”.

“The overall effect of the activity is that it has given me a sense of the new beginning and put a perspective on the work place that was not present prior to the weekend. It has opened the door of success through teamwork and trust”.

“The program delivered, especially when it came to dealing with my fears. I found that in the supportive team environment that had (surprisingly) developed over such a short period of time, I achieved well beyond my expectations”.

“That feeling of fear and the subsequent feeling of absolute elation (following success) afterwards has stayed with me for the last three months whenever I have seemingly insurmountable obstacles in front of me. I think back to that instant and tap into the feelings of ‘I can do anything’ “.

“With further work and reflection upon the experience, the learning I took away will be an invaluable asset in my ongoing managerial skills development”.

“It was an exceptional three day period of personal evaluation, group learning and positive habit forming behaviour. I am still rather amazed at what a practical experience such as this can teach us”.

“I wish we could structure more of the MBA course in this manner. I am still discovering new aspects of the experience”.

“Profound wake up call. The program was designed specifically for me!”
— Associate Professor Murray Ainsworth, RMIT Graduate School of Management