Why Quest?

Over 27 years of operation, we have enjoyed many long term relationships with our clients. Our feedback shows us that they have ten key reasons for engaging Quest Group Global. 

Learning PLUS Implementation

We do not simply deal in acquisition of awareness, knowledge and skills but importantly also in the application of these back in the workplace through proven support and coaching methods. 

Customised to your needs

 Focusing on individual client needs and equipped with high skills and a cutting edge “tool box” rather than a pre packaged product, we consistently achieve target outcomes. 

Return On Investment for our Customer

We gauge our success in terms of return on investment for our customer. 


Depth of experience; we are one of the longest operating companies in our field (est. 1989). 

Learning Differences

We understand and address the full spectrum of learning style preferences to engage all participants. 

Highest Customer Focus

Complete customer focus; we treat your business as if it were our own. 


Our reputation for uncompromising integrity means peace of mind for our clients. 


We actually LOVE what we do and LOVE doing it well! 


The learning is invariably enjoyable through its innovative and interactive nature. 

Ease of doing Business

Our customer-centric approach results in a simpler and easier relationship for our clients.