Our highly skilled facilitators and specialists see each engagement as a unique project. After establishing the particular needs of the project, we apply a “tool box” approach to designing solutions. We have in our “tool box” a wide and “cutting edge” range of methodologies and instruments. Our approach involves the Six Step Quest Process (below). We are then able to deploy the best trainers and facilitators for your specific requirements and apply the appropriate methods, tools and strategies from our comprehensive “tool box”. 

Our experience shows us that effective change requires a sound process rather than simply an event. For all major programming, we use our 6 step “Quest Process”:

Our Process


We develop a sound understanding of the organisation, the participants, their setting, the target outcomes for a program and any relevant logistics (numbers, dates, locations, budget etc.). We will provide a brief recommendation or proposal based on where the participant group is NOW and WHERE they / the organisation would like them to be at a given date i.e. their target outcome.


Based on the agreed outcomes of the Scope, the client might request a full program design. With further and thorough research, we will design a program which will deliver the agreed target outcomes. The design phase will be provided at a fee dependent on time requirements and any travel expenses.


The program is rolled out to participants through residentials, workshops or coaching / mentoring sessions as required.


We provide support for the implementation of the learning and change into the organisation, as outlined in the Design.


The program is evaluated based on the agreed KPI's and / or target outcomes.


We provide recommendations on the next steps in a continuous improvement context.