Experiential Learning

Where appropriate, we combine current theoretical content with proven experiential learning methods, which can incorporate original outdoor and adventure team building activities. By skillfully weaving engaging and innovative experiential learning activities into the learning process, we are able to 'breathe life' into theory models. This allows participants to go beyond simply “understanding” and move into the realm of “application of learning”. For the client, this results in higher levels of retention and transfer of learning into the workplace and therefore optimised leader, team and organisational performance; i.e a higher return on investment.

To this end we have our own experiential learning instructors, equipment and access to state of the art infrastructure. This includes High Challenge Course, rafting as well as a vast array of other experiential learning resources.

"The value of the activities was immeasurable – all were representative of real life situations".

(Testimonial from Participant on one of our MBA Leadership and Decision Making courses)