Leadership Development

Organisations, teams and people will all inevitably undergo change and if that change is to be for the better, the journey needs to have clear direction towards a vision. At the helm of such journeys are effective leaders who are able to provide both vision and direction. At Quest Group Global, we have the passion, expertise, tools and track record in making leaders more effective. 

We develop the capacity of leaders from individual supervisors through to General Managers, MDs, GMs and CEOs and beyond to entire leadership teams. We have been successfully and consistently achieving this through:

Customised Leadership Programs:

These typically target a group of leaders within an organisation and cover the leadership generics (key practical concepts tools and strategies in effective leadership) and leadership specifics (e.g. “What are my leadership strengths and what are areas to further develop?” "What does my organisation require of me as a leader?” “Developing my individual leadership development plan.”).

360 Degree Feedback & Response Plans:

Using the comprehensive and cutting edge 360 degree leadership skills feedback tool, we facilitate the interpretation of feedback, selection of target developmental areas and formulation of a practical leadership development plan. 


Our skilled coaches support leaders to implement their leadership development plans personally, in one-on-one sessions, in group coaching and on line. 

“Leadership At The Edge®” Metaventure® :

Developed by The Syncretics Group of the USA, “Leadership At The Edge®” uses the powerful and historic leadership tale of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition as a Metaventure® (the use of an adventure as a metaphor) to explore effective leadership under adversity, change and uncertainty. Ten key Leadership Strategies are identified through the use of this Metaventure® and where required, participants are able to undertake a self assessment of their current performance across all ten strategies.