Broad Organisational Development

Engaging with clients across the full spectrum of organisations, we have found that they all share a common challenge: effectively identifying, prioritising and addressing their developmental needs in a coordinated and strategic manner. For nearly three decades, we have been developing the tools, expertise and processes to help organisations achieve this. Please refer to our Organisational Development page for detailed information.


Leadership Development

For over 27 years, we have been making organisational leaders more effective and organisations more “leaderfull”. Please refer to our Leadership Development page for detailed information.


Team Development

Whilst “Team Building” is a common target outcome of much organisational development, it is seldom achieved in a sustainable and systematic manner. At Quest Group Global we have over two decades of experience in taking the Team development process from identifying needs, to designing a custom program, delivering it and finally, embedding the Team learnings into the workplace. Please refer to our Team Development page for detailed information.


Breaking Down Silos

Divisions in organisations are often just that, resulting in separate and, at best, non collaborative entities. At times they are even internally competitive groups which waste resources and opportunities. We specialise in transforming such functional and / or geographical divisions into collaborative sub teams within organisations by providing both sound strategies and the motivation to apply them.



Communication is the link between all stakeholders in and around an organisation. Recognising this, we tap into the differing preferences people have for communication styles and develop the ability to pick the best style for a given situation.



Specialists within the Quest Group team can assist you with your sales effectiveness. We will enhance sales performance through the application of proven sales and marketing processes. Whether it is sales team training, strategic sales development or sales coaching for individuals, we have the expertise and know how. Many organisations, both large and small, have gained from our sales training platform.



Quest Group Global can provide appropriate marketing support to organisations, enabling them to draw on the experience of our specialists and their suite of services, in order to increase sales and achieve business goals. Taking a long term view, we create, develop and implement strategies, campaigns and programs that achieve sustainable business growth and improve profitability by focusing on effective business alignment, brand management and marketing communication.


Managing Change

We believe that we all have a choice to be either a driver of change or a victim of change! Quest Group Global assist individuals, teams and organisations to recognise their preferences, develop change management tools and strategies, and make informed choices on managing change.


Decision Making

The quality of decisions leaders, teams and organisations make depends on a combination of their skills and the strategies and tools they have available. We provide cutting edge tools and strategies, experiential learning and expert feedback to practice them and develop the skills.


Merging Cultures

Mergers and acquisitions present organisations with significant challenges and business momentum is often lost for some time during the transition. We can expedite the process by providing the tools, strategies and motivation for separate cultures to take the best of each and form a new identity which best serves all stakeholders.


Managing Diversity

A hinge pin for organisational success is its approach to human diversity, being potentially either a strong asset or a significant threat. Through cutting edge tools and innovative strategies, we provide the opportunity for clients to better understand, value and manage diversity, and thereby leverage from it.



Once we define where we are headed, the path becomes clear. The key to business success is to have the leader or the leading team develop simple clear agreed upon strategies that, with a good plan, can be successfully implemented in the medium to long term.


Goal Setting

Without goals and objectives we have no clarity of what is important to us. Our most valuable resource, time, becomes a major waste. Quest Group Global can assist your people in setting goals that are totally owned, achievable and will bring out the best in your team!



Vision is defined as one's "Preferred Future".  Whether it be a personal or business vision, Quest Group Global can assist you, your leadership team and your people to clearly identify their preferred future, for both themselves and/or the business.


Work / Life Balance

Growth and success, however measured, can be a fleeting experience for individuals, teams and organisations. If success is to be sustainable, a sound understanding and intelligent management of work life balance is essential, not only to the organisation and its productivity, but perhaps more importantly to its people. We have the tools and strategies to assist in making your success sustainable.



Negotiation has been described as a process civilised people use to reach agreement, without warfare. We do not see the goal of negotiation as winning, but rather as succeeding. The mechanism of successful negotiation is collaboration - the work of a partnership rather than adversarial exchange. When we you recognise that there is a set process in negotiations, we can look for it, use it and benefit by achieving better results and reducing levels of stress. We can develop negotiation courses for teams and individuals; for sales activity, general day to day tasks or high powered environments; in fact anywhere success is dependent on good negotiation.


Waste Reduction

All stakeholders in every organisation are wanting efficient use of dollars. Shareholders are looking for solid returns, staff for appropriate reward, and customers are looking for value for their dollar spent. Too often organisations "hide" waste in their business, with the stakeholders affected by either higher product or service prices, lower staff reward or lower dividends to owners. The Quest Group Global approach to waste is simple and effective and can typically lead to 15% - 25% improvement in cost elimination. We can assist you through our proven process in identifying, prioritising and eliminating the wastes in your business.