Team Development

Great leverage can be gained by organisations developing and implementing a common and effective Team approach. For over 25 years, we have been enabling clients to leverage effective Teamwork in order to enhance staff enjoyment, satisfaction, talent retention and organisational results. We have achieved this by providing:

Customised Team Development Programs:

We understand that different people have different preferred learning styles, and this is reflected in our dynamic team development programs, which draw from a multitude of methodologies ranging from practical experiential learning, through to cutting edge research data. 

While each program is tailored to the specific needs of a given organisation and its people, we often begin by exploring what it takes to transform a group of individuals into a basic Team and a basic Team into a High Performing Team. We achieve this through the use of cutting edge research data presented in a dynamic and practical way. We then focus on the Team at hand by examining current behaviours and preferences using a combination of “tools” which may include experiential learning activities, individual and team profiling tools and discussion work. Our facilitators then assist the Team to identify any gaps between their skills, knowledge and behaviours and the High Performing Team model and data presented earlier. This can be achieved through observation and feedback and / or through use of a team based 360 degree feedback instrument. The team are then lead through a process of selecting their priority areas and the formulation of practical development plans in these areas.   

Team & Culture Mergers:

Mergers and acquisitions, re structures and establishment of project based teams can often lead to a divisive and “silo” based culture which is inordinately expensive in terms of morale and productivity. Over 25 years of working in this field, we have developed a sound understanding of how to move thinking from a divisive silo based outlook to either a “one team” model or a collaborative sub teams model. Such programs are custom designed based on a scoping process. 

Team Coaching:

Once a Team have formulated a development plan, either through our prior Team Development Programs or independently, our skilled facilitators will coach the Team in delivering the target outcomes. Meeting with the Team on a regular basis, we will not only assist by facilitating the development process but also in establishing accountability to deliver outcomes in a timely manner. Read more about Team Coaching.... 

“Teamwork At The Edge®” Metaventure® :

Developed by The Syncretics Group of the USA, “Teamwork At The Edge®” is the amazing true story of exceptional teamwork and leadership demonstrated by the crew of the AFR Midnight Rambler, winner of the ill fated 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Used here as a Metaventure® (the use of an adventure as a metaphor), the dramatic AV and personal presentation explores effective teamwork from the “inside” and links it effectively to the organisational team setting, where challenge and uncertainty are a feature. Read more about Teamwork At The Edge...