Business Ascents

Business Ascents is a way of thinking about an organisation, crafting its future and creating a practical pathway to achieving it. It is a way of thinking about and engaging the limitless dynamics of people and combining them with the sound mechanics of proven and cutting edge strategies and tools. It is truly about integrating the mechanics and dynamics of success.

Business Ascents is a joint venture of the Banjar Group (lead by Mike Boyle) and Quest Group Australia (lead by Ron Jungalwalla). The two companies have been associates for over a decade and bring together diverse experience and skill sets, yet are bound by common values and quality standards. 

Quest Group Australia and Business Ascents have been accredited by the Syncretics Group of the USA to present their unique “Metaventure®” stories. Using real, relevant and extremely well researched tales of leadership and teamwork as a metaphor provides a powerful anchor for the learning and retention of program content. These presentations are ideal for launching a program or as stand-alone keynote presentations. 

In particular, we tap into the power of relevant and vibrant metaphors which engage and resonate with participants. This allows them to immediately apply the learning back in the workplace as well as retain and enjoy the learning. 

Our metaphors currently include Leadership at the Edge®, Teamwork at the Edge® and Base Camp®. Other powerful metaphors are currently under development.

Leadership at the Edge®, Teamwork at the Edge® and Metaventure® are registered service marks of the Syncretics Group Inc and are under exclusive licence to Quest Group and Banjar Group in Australia.

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